Wilcorp Ceiling Fans was created in 1965 to import and sell the first ceiling fans in Canada. In those days we had just one size and one colour which were promoted to small commercial and industrial establishments. By 1970, Wilcorp had a sales team working in Southern Ontario where these energy efficient fans began to appear in restaurants, gas stations, warehouses, offices, factory assembly lines and places of worship.


As the heating and ventilating industry took notice of the benefits of recycling heat down from the ceiling with these 56 inch diameter fans HVAC wholesalers and dealers began to stock and promote Wilcorp fans to a much larger customer base.
By 1976 Wilcorp had designed a series of fans suitable for the home, and the ceiling fan revolution took off.


Now in 2017, Wilcorp is the largest ceiling fan store in the world with over 250 fans on display throughout 20,000 sq, ft. of showrooms and studios. The fans are grouped into vignettes, such that customers can easily compare sizes, styles and finishes from eight major ceiling fan manufacturers. Thousands of lighting and home accessories from furniture to wall art make a visit to Wilcorp a truly memorable experience.