Mix and Match to Your Style

Mix and Match to Your Style
December 1, 2016 Wilcorp
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The myFanimation mix-and-match offering puts design into the hands of customers as you select a motor, blades, fitters and glass to build your own fan. Additionally, all myFanimation fans include three new unique features:

Hang Right™, a rubber boot that mounts in between the down rod and the top support to precisely position the down rod and minimize motor vibration. Hang Right enables faster installation and eliminates the need for top support set screws.

Fan Shield™, an isolation ring system of rubber grommets that attaches to the hub. This prevents noise and vibration from traveling from the motor through the blade holders and blades.

Damp rated fans are designed for covered outdoor areas that do not receive direct water. They can be used in covered outdoor patios or porches since they are resistant to mist, dew or moisture in the air. They are also ideal for bathrooms, indoor pools or other interior spaces with heavy moisture. Because damp rated fans are resistant to humidity, they will not be damaged.


What is so great about myFanimation?! 

It gives you the ability to mix and match fan elements to create a fan that distinctly resembles your own style…you space…your personality.

Do not forget to drop by at Wilcorp and when you do, be sure to check out our Display….Available in March. 


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